Cars of the Scuderia Garage-R

Hi folks 🙂

Well since I’ve introduced you to myself and what I plan to do with this blog I thought I had better introduce to my cars!

First up is my beloved road car, a Mercedes W124 estate which has gained the title Panzer (because it is big brown and German) in the time I have had it. I brought it in January (2015) for £200 and have been slowly restoring it since. It acts as my daily and as you can see a tow car for my drift cars too 😀
DSC_1250 DSC_1251 DSC_125211915735_794985197277668_5164035853903830079_n

The first of the drift cars I want to show you is actually a little smaller than the others. This is my RC drift car. It’s a D-Like RE-R hybrid with a Carson Mercedes CLK shell. I’ll do a more indepth spec list of this in a future post 🙂 The Samaritans livery was originally going to go on both my real and rc drift cars to hopefully raise awareness of their cause and hopefully a little money for them. 1662577_773108599465328_7271885125745605101_n 1907498_773108612798660_3205268852917723969_n 10299561_773108546132000_7145180085789089697_n 11041212_773108606131994_4339876120517051588_n 11401121_773108556131999_6339162053157302572_n 11665756_773108602798661_2883126657436971146_n
However, this idea was eventually scrapped as it turns out that the big ones don’t bounce off of walls like the little ones do…
DSC_1243 DSC_1244 DSC_1245 DSC_1246
…as you can see by the beautiful front end of my W202! I painted it green and silver ready for the Samaritans livery but didn’t get time to finish off all the stickers. Just as well really as after about 15 laps I hit the wall at Arena hard and broke it! Yes, the airbags did go off… Rookie mistake, on the next car they will be disconnected.

It’s pretty much stock. It’s obviously stripped and believe it or not has been lowered on springs. Rayleigh Tyres also very kindly welded the diff for me.

Finally is my newest addition to the fleet; a 318is E36 coupe. It has already been prepped for drifting; it’s lowered, the diff has been welded, it has a hydraulic handbrake and a 328 radiator. All I need to do is strip and sell the interior and replace it with two bucket seats and a basic cage 🙂 This one will be out next year though, once I’ve learned the basics with the W202.

DSC_1247 DSC_1248 DSC_1249 DSC_1253

So there we go! You know me and you know the cars 😀 I have drifting this Wednesday so hopefully I have some pics and footage to share with you next Monday 🙂

See you next week!


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