Dealing with s*** and Players Show.

Hi folks!

I’m afraid not an awful lot has happened this week. For the most part I’ve had quite a troublesome week health wise and when I haven’t been in bed or generally in my room I’ve been working! I did, however, manage to get to the Players show at North Weald airfield on Sunday.

Before I get to the Players coverage I want to tell those of you who might be having a week like mine a few CBT tips, you never know, they might be useful!

Firstly; If you are anxious about doing something just think that someone has probably done exactly the same thing and nothing bad has happened to them. For instance if you are scared of flying and have to take a flight just remember that thousands of flights go to and from destinations every day without incident. Flying is perfectly safe. Just tell yourself that over and over again!

I also find that ‘rooting’ helps. I think it’s called rooting anyway. Basically you find three things you can touch, see and hear. It’s a tool to help remind yourself that you are in control. Most helpful if you are having a moment!

Anyways, with that being said lets go on to Players!

Players has been held for many years at North Weald Airfield in Essex. I’ve never actually been before so thought I should head up. It was a pretty good show, plenty of people, a nice atmosphere and most importantly; plenty of nice cars! I was on the hunt for old Mercedes, of course!

Players 2015 DSC_1245 DSC_1246 DSC_1247 DSC_1250 DSC_1257 DSC_1263 DSC_1270 DSC_1271 DSC_1272 DSC_1276

The show and shine was good fun but I must admit once I had walked around I got pretty bored of it.. Fueltopia were also at North Weald doing a ‘barrel sprint’ gymkhana event. That was great fun to watch! It’s basically a knockout competition; the cars go in pairs and the car that takes the least time to complete the course without hitting any obstacles moves on.

In both the rear wheel and four wheel drive classes the field was largely Jap. Subaru Imprezas made up the entirety of the four wheel drive class while the rear wheel drive class was a little more varied consisting of not only the usual autocross/drift cars (MX5s, 200sxs, Caterhams) but a bright pink Nissan Cefiro driven by Terri Young of Just Jap Performance and a yellow Toyota Chaser. The car that stole my heart though was a little motorbike engined Reliant Kitten! It sounded amazing and looked like a blast to drive!

That’s all I have to report I’m afraid this week kids! I should have a new RC drift car to show you by next week 🙂 feel free to shout at me if I don’t!

Take care and I’ll speak to yu all soon!


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