Rayleigh RC

So I’ve spoken a lot on here about Arena Essex and my full size drifting exploits but I’ve only mentioned very little about my small car drifting exploits and warehouse full of weird people whom I drift these small cars with.

Before CRB Hobbies moved in, Rayleigh RC was a disused factory on Brook Road Industrial Estate in Southend. I remember going there while it was being built to discuss Rayleigh RC hosting drift events with the owner and seeing an old punch clock with the cards at the workers entrance from whatever company was there before. CRB have transformed the old public reception area into their shop and about 1/3rd of the original factory floor has been turned into a dedicated ‘pit’ area with two thirds being a massive Prima GT touring car track.

Drifting is held on a Wednesday and Thursday evening and on Sundays during the day in the summer months. Fresh rolls of slippery Prima GT is rolled across half of the grippy stuff, which is modified just in case anyone wants to come and test a race car on there.

If you think that RC drifting is something you would like to get involved in (trust me it is a LOT cheaper than full size cars) then pop down on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. All the staff in there are super helpful as are the regular drifters. It’s a very laid back atmosphere and the people aren’t snobby. You won’t need to spend thousands on a car to fit in 🙂

They also hold monthly competitions which are pretty much the same format as full size drifting. Sadly my car wasn’t ready for this month and I had lots of work to do so I couldn’t compete, but I still popped down to get some photos and catch up with people…. Well, I gave my camera to my good friend Kevin and I sat around chatting 🙂 He got some good pics!

Alan Palmer lines up for his qualifying run while the rest of the field watch onDSC_1252
Alan Palmer entering a clipping point!
Tom Gaskin on lock!
r Matthew Fellows in his second Red Bull S14a
here it is again charging through a puter clipping zone
Rayleigh RC’s self appointed number 1 driver Craig on the attack 🙂
Kevin, our beautiful photographer 🙂
and some pics of his car! 
DSC_1438 DSC_1440

A great venue for great drifting! I hope to see you all down there soon!


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