RC starter cars and DSM-5

Hi guys! How are you all doing? I am doing well thanks 🙂

Good news! The Sakura D4 is finally finished and I took it to Rayleigh RC on Wednesday. It went pretty well and drives ok! There is a lot more setting up to do before it is competition ready but I managed to get round a few laps with it and nothing broke! Which is impressive for me!

Anyways, some photos from Wednesday, these may or may not be staged.  
The banner in this final shot is from a company called RC Mart. The chap who so kindly sold me this Sakura won it from RC Mart. They put in a RC Mart edition OMG low profile servo in too. OMG make awesome servos as is but the RC Mart edition one is purple which matches the purple accents on the Sakura 🙂 so if you are thinking of getting one I would suggest getting it from there!

In all honesty, it’s a great time to get into RC drifting. If you are completely new to RC then there are some great RTR (ready to run) packages on the market! Team Magic’s E4D RTR is basically D-Like’s Sound Meister but with belt rather than gear drive and an SSG chassis from standard. The E4D comes with huge angle from factory as well as a one way and CS kits. They are available from Rayleigh RC! If you want a super easy option Soul RC sell tailored starter packages which features the MST MS01 RTR and allows you to select what shell, batteries and charger you want along with other options!

If you have some experience with RC and have some electrics to plug into a chassis but don’t want to spend massive amounts on a chassis then there are also some great options available to you. The aforementioned Sakura D4, MS01, E4D and Sound Meister are all very competent chassis’ for good money. I can’t honestly tell you which is the best car to go for as ultimately it comes down to each individual’s preference.

Right then! Enough of these silly little cars! What have I done to the E46 this week? Well, not a lot.. I’ve cleaned it, put a new battery on and fixed some trim. I’ve ordered some bucket seats and harnesses for it too but they have yet to arrive… Ok so what have I done to The Panzer? Well, again, not a lot… Cleaned it. But it seems happy so it’s ok!

Since I’ve finished talking about cars and I can’t think of a good bridge you may remember that in my last blog post I was complaining about doctors using BMI as a means of diagnosing an eating disorder? Well allow me to read you a small extract from the DSM-5, the book that is used to diagnose mental health issues.

“OFSED (Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder)

Atypical Anorexia Nervosa: All criteria are met, except significant weight loss, the individuals weight is within or above the normal range.”

So if the DSM says that anorexia can be present without an unhealthy weight loss why are doctors still using BMI to diagnose an eating disorder? And what can we do to change that?

Thanks for eading folks. Speak to you next week!

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