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Bit of house keeping before we start. I’m going to be doing two blog posts per week now rather than just the one. Mondays will be drifting posts and Thursdays will be mental health related posts and articles. I always have loads of both to talk about on here so it is easier to do two blog posts 🙂

Well, my friends over at Rayleigh Tyres picked up a silver E36 compact to sell on. It was very cheap and very scruffy (a bit like myself) so would be perfect for a bit of fun over the winter at Arena Essex! Also, Quasimodo (my E46 compact) is still a nice looking car and stands me in a fair amount of money now so I don’t really want to hurt it.

I jumped straight on the phone to Ron who agreed with me and low and behold Garage-R has another drift car!

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So, I’ve mentioned Rayleigh Tyres a lot in these blogs but have never really gone into much detail about them. They are based on the A127, which leads from London to Southend, in an industrial estate behind a truck stop called The Blinking Owl. The estate is a bit of a maze of small units but Rayleigh Tyres is signposted from the gate so you should be able to find it fairly easily.

As the name would suggest they do sell and fit tyres, brand new and part worn. They also have the tools and facilities to do a lot of mechanical work on all types of cars. I’ve had a rear wheel bearing done by them on my W124 Mercedes and I’ve seen them do engine changes, gearbox changes, differentials etc etc. Minis and BMWs are where they really excel. They will prepare a BMW for any level of drifting; from E36 compacts to get used to Arena to M3 powered E30s for Drift Cup and much much more!

So if you want a first class mechanical service and a resonable price be sure to check them out! Contact details can be found at www.rayleightyres.co.uk

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