RC Mart

I’m sure that if you’re into anything remote control you have heard of the online retailer RC Mart. They stock everything you could possibly need to build and maintain any form of RC car; from buggies to touring cars to F1 to drift. They also stock a fair amount of helicopters and boats.

The company itself is based in Hong Kong but they also have customer service numbers in both the UK and the US who will help you out with any questions regarding the products they sell or will assist if there is an issue with your order.

Today I will taking a look at their range of drift specific products (since, after all, this is a blog about drifting)

They carry a wide range of chassis’ from a wide range of companies including the heavy hitters Yokomo, MST and 3 Racing but also smaller, more exclusive, companies such as R31House (One down side to doing a review of this site is I really want GRKG now), Overdose (who are apparently bringing out another chassis.. news to me!) and the ever growing D-Like. They also have all the hop ups and spares to keep the cars on the track should you feel the need to upgrade or need to fix something.

As drifting has grown motor and ESC manufacturers have began to make drift specific items, again all stocked by RC Mart. They have ‘drift tuned’ motors from Speed Passion, Novak and OMG as well as the super fast servos we prefer to use such as OMG and Savox.

In terms of drift shells RC Mart stock only the best with a massive range of shells from ABC Hobbies, Yokomo, Tamiya, D-Like , Pandora, Overdose and Spice so you can be sure no matter your taste you will find something you will love! They also stock tonnes of wheels, light kits, engine bays and other accessories from another big list of brands so that you can build the shell you really desire.

RC Mart also supply a lot of local hobby shops such as Rayleigh RC. So no doubt you will be able to find some of RC Mart’s stock at your local hobby store. Of course, I doubt your hobby shop has the vast warehouse that RC Mart does so you might not be able to find everything you need, but please do make sure to continue supporting your local businesses whenever you can!

Thanks for reading!

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