New steering rack for the D4!

As I mentioned in a previous post RCMart have very kindly allowed me to review some products for them.

I wanted to start off with something small and inexpensive so that it’s not an expensive outlay for them to see if they like my writing style and that I knew would make a MASSIVE difference to my car so I could give you guys a top quality product review!

So I asked for 3Racing’s own aluminium steering system for my Sakura D4. As great as the D4 is, the factory plastic steering assembly did offer a lot of flex, which really isn’t good for steering response! We shall be seeing if the aluminium steering system takes some of that flex away!

(The original plastic steering rack in place)

We’ll begin with the logistics. The aluminium steering system can be found here: and is £18 with a small postage fee to pay on top. Which I really don’t think is that expensive compared to the prices of similar upgrades from different manufacturers for different chassis! It arrived on 23rd December about a week after I ordered it. It had to travel through Hong Kong so I didn’t think that was too bad at all! Especially since it was being posted in the build up to Christmas!

The Aluminium Steering System itself consists of a steering rack, mixing arms (which are the bits that are mounted to the chassis and pivot) and the arms on which the tie rods to the knuckles are mounted.

steering rack 4

Assembling and installing the steering rack is pretty much the same process as assembling the factory rack but 3Racing do provide instructions if needed.

steering rack 3

Once installed the difference in quality is instantly noticeable. One could physically move the front wheels and cause the plastic rack to flex which can no longer be done with the alloy rack. I’ve driven it very briefly with the rack on and the steering response of the car has definitely improved now that the flax has been taken out of the rack!

There are also some additional holes in the arms which allow for optional placement of the tie-rods from both the knuckle and the steering servo which was not available on the factory plastic part.

steering rack 7steering rack 9

Another little thing I thought was cool is that they have put mounts for the servo on both side of the rack. The factory rack and floor pan only allow for the servo to be mounted on the right hand side of the car but it’s cool to know that if for some reason you wanted to mount the servo on the left the rack would not inhibit your ability to do so.

steering rack 8

In conclusion I have to say I am really happy with the new steering system for the D4! It’s an upgrade that I think should definitely be on every Sakura owners list and is arguably the biggest improvement you can make on the chassis for around £20.

Thanks for reading! Remember that the D4 Alloy Steering System can be found here: and I will see you all again on Thursday!


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