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This blog will never ever ever be a fashion blog… However.. I do occasionally get people about some of the clothes I wear. So I thought I would introduce to you my favourite brand; Metal Mulisha.

Metal Mulisha is a brand that first caught my eye when I saw the company’s logo on “Mad” Mike Whiddett’s Mazda RX7 and his fire suit back in 2011.  I was first drawn to it as I am a massive geek for WW2 German tanks and armour and the companies logo looks like a skull wearing a second world war German helmet, which I’m not afraid to say I thought was pretty cool!

mad mike(Mad Mike’s RX7, image courtesy of

A quick browse on a popular internet search engine took me to their website I’m sure the site has changed significantly over the years but the premise is somewhat similar. “Men’s” obviously takes you to men’s clothing and accessories and “Maiden’s” takes you to women’s clothing and accessories (which if you are or if you know of any punk rock style chicks I highly recommend checking it out!)and then there is “Team” which is a section of the website which highlights the members of the Metal Mulisha team, what discipline of sport they are involved in and a little bit about their career achievements. This is where I learnt of Brian Deegan (one of the founders) and discovered Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). If you haven’t seen LOORRS I highly suggest you check it out! I could ramble on about how awesome it is but that’s another blog post for another day 🙂

At the time I couldn’t really financially justify buying anything from them as they didn’t have a UK supplier but in 2012 I went to the states and found myself a Brian Deegan T-Shirt.


I must admit, I’ve had race branded clothing before and the shirts used to make them were clearly really cheap as was the vinyl used on them which began to flake away after a few weeks. Metal Mulisha stuff is totally not like that though! The material is fantastic and as you can see, that 4 year old shirt hasn’t any cracks in it’s designs what so ever! It’s not like it just hangs in closet either it is often worn!

Ever since, as the seasons change I have found my self on Metal Mulisha’s site. I like to get at least one thing with my birthdy money (in the summer) and my Christmas money (in the winter)



The quality of the materials used is phenomenal. None of the colours have faded and on the jackets none of the zips have broken in the time I’ve had them. The coats are normally worn day in day out in the cold months here in the UK-which is all the months- and have stood the test of time perfectly!

So if you are into motor cross, LOORRS, BMX, skating etc and what some cool merchandise that will take some day to day abuse go check out Metal Mulisha at!

Thanks for reading, speak to you Thursday!


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