R.I.P Dave Mirra

As I’m sure many of you would have heard BMX and Rally legend Dave Mirra sadly took his own life yesterday at the age of 41.

His passing came as somewhat of a shock, I woke up this morning and my news feed was full of tributes to him and links to articles about his death.

He was considered a pioneer by many of his friends and had accumulated 24 X-Games medals over his career. He was also a husband and a father to two daughters.

His passing acts as a reminder that everyone has their demons and issues and that these demons really shouldn’t be bottled up. I would like to take the opportunity to remind you that if you ever feel suicidal that you are loved and respected, even if you don’t know it at the time, and that I am always, always, always here if you need to vent or you need help with anything. Be that on the end of the phone, facebook, twitter DMs, whatever.

Dave Mirra, we will remember you.

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