Changes at Rayleigh RC!

Hello 🙂

My local track Rayleigh RC have recently made some big changes!

Originally Rayleigh RC consisted of a shop section which led into a big warehouse containing a long touring car track. On drift days the track would be divided into two. The furthest end would have a separate 5 rolls of Prima GT carpet taped over the touring car track underneath and the end nearest the shop would be used for GT12s or general testing.

However, the touring cars were only providing business for 6 months of the year and when a drift day was on the GT12 half of the track was often left abandoned so they decided to shut down the touring car track and focus on the drifting and 1/12th scale classes.

Closing the touring car track meant that half of the building could be closed down. The building was initially laid out to either be two separate units or one with separate entrances for the public and workers (if you recall the entrance that was no longer used for the track contains an old ‘clocking in machine’ where workers would stamp those little cards to say when they have arrived. A big wall was simply constructed so Rayleigh RC had one entrance and the second unit had the other entrance and a big warehouse door which would be big enough to let vans in and out of.

12647157_10208536501273808_7963302855560963296_n(Bob the Builder)

Once the wall was finished and painted the track went down. This time the drifters took priority! Despite the reduction in size of the overall building the drift track has actually got bigger by two rolls of carpet. The clean Prima GT we use has been stuck down so there’s no more masking tape holding the rolls of carpet together causing overly slippy patches of track! A big wall mural depicting the New York skyline has also been put up on the wall which makes for a nice backdrop for photos.


The control tyre has also been changed from Yokomo’s R4 to DS Racing’s CSF3. I’ve driven a couple of cars on this surface on the new DS Racing tyres and it slows things down a lot which makes ‘tandeming’ with the other cars a lot easier and makes the drifting look a lot more ‘scale’; which is what we want as drifters. However to fit them one has to go back to the old fashioned method of boiling the tyres which always reminds me of the old days of 2010/11 and using those horrid HPI T-Drifts haha! The DS Racing tyre is of course much nicer. The T-Drifts made your car look like a hovercraft and on a rough surface they were burnt out in a matter of laps.

All in all I would say that the changes made have been for the better. The drift track looks much nicer and now the building is a fair bit smaller it’s much warmer in there. In the winter the big warehouse was freezing!!!

The drift track is open all the time at the moment. A class of 1/14th scale buggies is in the works which will take up a couple of days at the track. The buggies look like great fun though and I will be doing a post about them when they get going!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully see you at the track soon!


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