Drift Cars of December: Richard Bowman-Daniels BMW E36 328i

Chaps and Chapettes,

Richard Bowman-Daniels is currently drifting a BMW E36 328i. This car is an example of an affordable entry level drift car that can take on some of the bigger tracks the UK has to offer.

He has started by putting in a shorter ratio 316i diff and prop shaft to get the rear wheels spinning up easily. Lewis Hayler then raised the rev limiter on the ECU to 7.2k to give Richard a longer time within each of the short gears. The standard exhaust has been decatted to allow for better airflow exiting the engine and the bonnet has been vented to get rid of any excess heat.

In terms of chassis work the car has E46 lower arms to give it a little extra steering lock, polybushed E36 lollypop bushings, 25mm wheel spacers on the front and eBay brought coilovers. A hydraulic handbrake rounds things off to lock the rear wheels effectively.

Inside Richard has retained the factory front seats but has replaced the belts with 5 point sparco harnesses, a deep dish OMP wheel and custom roll cage.


He has been using the car at Santa Pod and Norfolk Arena on the practise days has cut his competition teeth at King of the Ring this year at Arena Essex!


(photo courtesy of Angela Wilsher)

Richard will be continuing to compete at King of the Ring in 2017! We look forward to seeing him out there and at whatever other events he decides to attend!

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