Drift Cars of December: Kenny Wingate

Chaps and Chapettes,

Kenny Wingate AKA Jungle Power is one of the OGs of drifting. The time I saw him drift was at first event I went to; JDM Allstars in Wimbledon back in 2010 and then the following year at Drift Allstars in 2011 at Wembley.

He then took some time away from the sport to get his Skyline rebuilt but bad workmanship from external companies and some personal home life issues set him back for a couple of years and he has not long finished the car.

He is back with a vengeance though! The car is now making 604hp from a fully forged RB26DETT with HKS internals and turbos. Underneath he is running Jo-Ca (Jon Calvert, another drifting OG) modified hubs and a Carbonetics carbon limited slip differential. The rest he describes as “Just normal DW mods” so presumably Driftworks coilovers, adjustable arms and bushings.

The crazy Ironman theme is what really sets this car apart though. Everything imaginable on the inside is either red or gold with most surfaces including the dash and door cards flocked by The Flock Shop in Hampshire.

Externally the car has been dyed rather than painted by outrageous paints and it looks superb! I might have to do a feature on car dyeing at some stage.

The photos are from Kenny’s Facebook page. Please get in touch if they are yours and I will credit appropriately.


In 2017 he will be competing at Drift Outlaws and doing DWYB days at Santa Pod. The whole of the internet has been trying to convince him to bring it to King of the Ring but I somehow doubt that’s going to happen haha!

I’m going to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the guys (and possibly girls) over at Fathers4Justice. They fight for a fantastic cause and if you would like to find out more and how you can help please visit  www.fathers-4-justice.org

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  1. Thank you for such a great write up
    2017 is going to be big real big there’s a lot to come so keep your eyes open 😜
    Thank you for mentioning F4J ❤️️

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