Drift Cars of December: Darrel Smith’s E46

Chaps and Chapettes,

Darrel Smith is an experienced drifter who has had plenty of seat time in various cars at various tracks. His current car shows that a slow car can be fast if the driver is brave/mad enough. The spec list is as follows… Are you ready?

-E46 328i Saloon
-Own Made Modified Hubs
-2nd hand Pro-Sport Coilovers
-Digital Tuning Solutions ECU
-welded diff

Yep. This nearly standard car finished 4th at King of the Ring round 4 on it’s debut event.

As we have seen over the course of this year King of the Ring has got a lot more serious and the cars are starting to get to a higher and higher spec so it’s nice to see that a “budget” car can still be competitive with the right driver.


(photo credit: Evil X Photography @EvilXPhotography)

Props to Darrel for piloting this basic machine so well and reminding me that really we have not got any excuses to do the best we can on track. Now I’m going to go and search the internet for old C-Classes…

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