Drift Cars of December: Paul Parnell

Chaps and Chapettes,

The idea of putting a big BMW straight six into the little compact 3 series shell has always appealed to me. It’s a tonne of power in a very small shell and we have seen some absolutely stunning examples of converted E36 compacts over the years.

Paul Parnell of MAPT is, to the best of my knowledge, one of the first to have built a drift car with this technique using a E46 compact.

The 46 compact is a strange little car. I used to have one I named Quasimodo due to to it’s hideous, bulbous face and hunched tail. Unlike the E36 of past the 46 compact was totally different to the other 3 series cars of the generation.


Paul’s car has the 330i M54 straight six that debuted in the E46 in it. A solid lump which has been remapped to 247bhp. A tonne of power in such a light weight shell! The chassis has HSD coilovers, modified by Scott Mars E36 lower arms with modified hubs for extra lock, polybushed all round and a strengthened rear sub-frame. It also has the world’s weirdest exhaust:


As a modern art piece it is wonderful. From birth (at the manifold) the exhaust gases are pushed though the school system (the downpipe) to be molded into what the world wants (at the cat) and spat out into the big wide through a multitude of possible options (the weird pipe thing at the back). At the end of the day though, we are all just poison corrupting our atmosphere.

Paul and MAPT Motorsports do a tonne of events and things throughout the year. If you want to keep up to date with the shenanigans like their Facebook page!


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