Drift Cars of December: Curtis Pobgee BMW E36

Do you ever get those projects that are seemingly never finished? That’s Curtis Pobgee’s E36 BMW. A year or so ago Curtis brought the 318i saloon with some basic modifications to learn to drift in. The building bug set in though and now it’s nearly a completely different car!

He is one of those guys that is forever tinkering and changing things. I’ve known him for a good few years now as we both used to do RC drifting and he was the same then. That’s not a criticism, true works of art come from such people regardless of the subject.

I’m writing this post in November, preparing for the onslaught of December at work when I doubt I will have a huge amount of time to write a lot. The spec of the car would have probably completely changed by the time this is published so I am literally going to copy and paste the spec for the car Curtis has provided me so I can wait for the additions that are bound to be sent across via Facebook Messenger after this is published.

As it stands on November the 14th 2016 Curtis’s car is as follows:

-Racegasmic prototype lock kit with bmw e46 lower arms

-M52b25 2.5L straight 6 engine

-Stripped interior

-OMP champ side mount bucket seats

-OMP harnesses

-OMP sand steering wheel

-Snap on/off boss kit

-ABS module delete

-OBP hydraulic handbrake

-Solid engine and gearbox mounts

-Custom fuel cell set up

-Bmw E34 7j 15” wheels

-185 60 15 tyres

-BMW Boston Green fresh paint job

-HM Sports bodykit

-Powerflex rear subframe bushes

-M3 strengthening mounts for subframe

-Solid lower arm lolipop bushes

-Solid hub-lower arm bushes

-Rocket Bunny ducktail spoiler

-Shotgun exhausts

-1.8 welded differential

-Lexan front windows

-Pro Sport coilovers

-H&R 25mm front wheel spacers

-H&R 50mm rear wheel spacers

-Stud conversion

-E30 M20 flywheel

-E30 M20 starter motor

-E21 clutch release Bearing

-E30 stage 2 clutch

-ZF gearbox from 328i E36


I’m unsure of his plans for 2017. As many drift practise days as he can get under his belt and the continued evolution of the car. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result of your labours. A lot of time and effort has been put into the car


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