Drift Cars of December: Jodie Rasburn

Chaps and Chapettes,

For those of you out of the loop Ron Rasburn is the owner of Essex Transit Specialists which used to be known as Rayleigh Tyres. Now, back before Ford Transits were there main area of business they used to build/restore/buy & sell a lot of BMWs.

Jodie Rasburn is Ron’s daughter. They used to drift together at King of the Ring but Jodie progressed quickly and Ron sacrificed his own drifting to get Jodie to Drift Cup and lots of other practise days in a prepped E30 M3. The M3 was a bit of a time bomb though and every time she took it out it was a tense day. The car suffered breakages and bits for it were expensive and difficult to come by.

That’s why this car has come to be.


What you are looking at is a stripped E36 compact with a 2.8 running gear. As we all know big engines in light cars are always fun and a winning combination according to the late great Colin Chapman.

The shell is a rust free 318ti, the running gear is from a 60,000 mile 328i convertible which hadn’t been abused and the lock kit is from the old E30 M3.


This is a car built to competitive at events like King of the Ring but is also built to be as stress free as possible. Bits for E36 compacts are cheap and easy to get hold of in comparison to the older E30 and Essex Transit Specialists have plenty of bits for the 2.8 straight six and even if they don’t the bits are cheap enough to get.

All in all it should be a good little car and I’m looking forward to seeing it at King of the Ring! It’ll be nice to see Jodie back ut driving too as she has been on marshalling duties for the past few events.

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