Drift Cars of December: Mark Chapman

Chaps and Chapettes!

I would say that this year MAPT Motorsport have been the most professional looking team at King of the Ring this year. They have treated us to many close battles and on occasion drift demos in the interludes between rounds of competition.


The best looking of these cars is hands down Mark Chapman’s E36 coupe. Instantly recognisable from the rest of the field with it’s bright green angel eyes and graphics.

The car itself is a fairly common set up for King of the Ring; 2.8 litre straight six with an M50 manifold and raised rev limiter, bucket seats, hydro and coilovers. Not a build that will break the bank and is super competitive for Arena.


I’m told the car will not be in it’s current black and green guise for very long though! Mark plans on reshelling the car and going for a new look which I am most curious to see. I’d love to see all the MAPT cars in the same colours, that would look so good going around the track!

In 2017 Mark is planning to take more podiums at King of the Ring and is currently building a turbo charged E30 for “other competitions”. I for one am interested to see what this entails and am looking forward to supporting Mark next season where ever he may be.


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