Drift Cars of December: Andy Brunton

Chaps and Chapettes,

Every sport has its’ ambassadors, its’ person or people that will stand with the sport through its’ ups and its’ downs, through everything that moulds and shapes it into what it becomes today.

I first met Andy at Colchester Model Car Club way back in 2012 when organising an indoor event. At that time Andy was an ambassador of D1RC, the UK’s now defunct national championship. The series used to run outdoors on concrete track with modified touring cars which used to run a lot like hovercraft. In the fall of 2012 they were looking to start a indoor winter series with a much tighter, slower track that would allow the D1RC drivers to experiment with ‘CS’ or countersteer which is a 4WD drive train set up in which the rear wheels spin faster than the front via over-driving the rear wheels or under-driving the front.

In the two years that the D1RC winter series was running CS certainly became the norm in the RC drift scene, not only at competition level but at grassroots car park level. Chassis’ such as MST’s MS01 and Yokomo’s DIB made CS available to the masses without extensive modification to a touring car chassis. There was one place that really perfected CS though and that was Soul RC.

Andy frequented Soul RC often and learnt a lot from the guys there. He was one of the party who tried to bring that information to D1RC yet some of the other event organisers and judging staff weren’t too interested. This created a rift which led to the downfall of that championship. Undeterred Andy still did his bit to support the UK drift scene and travelled to Soul as often as he could and other tracks such as Wycombe and had even made his way abroad on numerous occasions.

At this point I kind of fell off the map and can’t fill you in on the history until myself and Warren Runnicles got in touch with a track owner in Rayleigh who was interested in opening a drift track. Myself and Warren invested a tonne of time into that track and we were super pleased when Andy said he would do what he can to assist us. Things were going well again and lots of people were going to the track then as things often do they fell apart again.

At that point RWD RC was really beginning to take off. Once again though I had come away from the hobby and haven’t really seen the rise of RWD to the good place it is at today.

Andy is as always at the forefront of what’s going on. Although there are dedicated RWD chassis’ on the markt now such as the YD-2 and the FXX Andy has stuck with a venerable DIB but with a CARB-D reverse conversion which moves the motor to the rear.


A Kamikaze BG-1 RWD conversion of the Yokomo Drift Package is also on the workbench which is being built with full Overdose parts as funds allow.

Andy’s plans for 2017 are to compete in the UK in RWD and to go to Holland for the World Championships. Initially Andy intended to compete RWD but didn’t submit his application in time so will be driving CS. He also intends to make the pilgrimage to Japan.


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  1. Thanks for your kind words Rich, i really tried to push the scene down this way, with the help of Peter Gray, Steve Gravett and numerous others however some weren’t so keen, nevertheless the remaining few keep pushing on and hopefully one day i can open a track down this way but for now 2017 has a lot of options for travelling around to visit lots of venues and comps 👍

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