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Since the collapse of Rayleigh RC I haven’t really had the opportunity to feature much RC drifting on this blog. I certainly haven’t fallen out of love with it but time constraints and other projects have made it difficult for me to get over the bridge to my nearest track which is now in Teynham in Kent run by Ben from Slide Dynamics RC.

I’ve been watching from the side lines as the scene down there has grown and has Slide Dynamics as a company has grown. They started out as a little one man band selling shells and have grown and evolved into a company that sell everything from electrics to chassis’ to wheels to scale shell accessories and everything in between! If you would like to see their full range of products head over to

I’d really like to focus on the track and the community that Ben has built down there though. The track is run every Wednesday evening and every other Sunday during the day and is a cheap few hours drifting at just £10 on a Wednesday and £15 on a Sunday. They run on carpet with DS Racing FFF compound tyres and have Tetsujin car-friendly curbing and home made scenic barriers.


The quality of the shells has vastly improved even since I stopped drifting a couple of years ago. The rust effects on this S13 are great! We probably sell a replacement mirror glass for it at Halfords if you could let the owner know.


It’s nice that ABC Hobbies and Pandora have been introducing shells that aren’t so common. This Bosozoku style Laurel and this Laurel with the rear mounted radiator look superb! I’d be interested to know if that radiator was home made or brought.


Pop up lights seem to be a popular feature for RC drifters these days; as shown by the MK3 Supra, Z31 300ZX and FC3S RX7.



Of course there is nothing wrong with the more modern stuff! Essex Rotary’s Ryan Osborne showing off his RX8.


Rear wheel drive seems to have become much more prevalent within the community (as you can probably see from most of these photographs). When I stopped it was still kind of an oddity with people using under and over geared 4WD cars to simulate RWD. Tom Gaskin was kind enough to send some pics over of his chassis an MST RRX.


It’s crazy to see how manufacturers are pushing the limits with component location in order to get the balance right. The rear motor assembly on this is mad! Needs a Porsche shell haha!

RWD is very much accessible now. Slide Dynamics sell the RWD D4 as a kit which is super cheap and MST also do a basic FXX chassis which is set up akin to a real car (inline motor, shaft drive)

It’s nice to see how things have progressed and I’m glad that Ben and Slide Dynamics are doing well.

If you are in the Kent area be sure to hit them up here:

Or join the group:

A lot of these photos are also courtesy of Ben Wiggins’ Photography who’s page can be found here:

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