Balsa Wood Super Cub Build: Part 3

Hi guys,

So we now have a set of wings ( ) and a rudder, stabiliser and a set of wing mounts ( )

Today I present to you duh duh daah the fuselage!


Now, yes I have to admit that I am a terrible blogger and just sort of cracked into this without stopping to take photos as I went along. The premise is similar to the wings though. The sides are made out of several die cut pieces as are the fuselage and lengths of balsa strip cut to length complete the structure.

The landing gear is basically a bit of aluminium bent to shape. It is provided with the kit but it’s great that it’s another part that can be easily replicated if it is damaged in an accident.


Of course, I couldn’t just have all the components there without taping them together could I? It’s starting to look like a proper little aeroplane now!


Now, the rubber band motor is ran down the length of the aeroplane and then has a rubber dowel put through the rear end to hold it in place and a hook on the end of the propeller which you turn to wind the band up. The instructions say to put the band in after the aircraft has been skinned but it gets caught up on the bulkheads and once the aircraft is skinned you can’t manually guide it right down the back of the aircraft. So I’m putting the band in first.

The band itself is just a long bit of elastic which you have to tie a knot in like so:


This is then fed down the nose of the aircraft to the tail where it is held in by a wooden dowl that is pushed through the side of the aircraft (the sticky out bits)


Now all there is to do is trim the dowel to the correct length and file it to be flush with the fuselage.


There we have it! One fuselage built and one motor installed! Next time we should be putting the skin over the frame!

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  1. It’s quite easy to feed the rubber band down through the the finished model ,using a length of wire coat hanger ,
    Also the peg that holds the rubber in place should protrude on both sides ,so you can remove it ,to replace the rubber band if it snaps.

    1. It protrudes by about 1mm so it can be removed and fed back into the model of needs be 🙂 seeing as it’s my first balsa build though I doubt it will survive long enough for the band to start deteriorating haha!

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