Assetto Corsa car reviews #1: Ferrari 312T

Racing simulator Assetto Corsa was on sale on the PlayStation Store and I simply couldn’t say no to it!

One of the things that struck me most was the difference in which the way each of the cars drives. I have the driver aids set to “Factory” (so if the car has them in real life I have them) and 0% stability control which might be why I’m getting such a good feel for the cars compared to other racing games, but it made me think that I could do reviews on each of the cars on this blog. I’ve not really had much to do with gaming on here which is a shame!

The car I would like to start with is one of the cars that drew me into the game in the first place: Niki Lauda’s 1975 Ferrari 312T.


In real life this was a championship winning car for Lauda and Ferrari. The T in the name stands for transverse. The gearbox was mounted transversely to allow it to be mounted ahead of the rear axle giving the car a more medial centre of gravity.

In game it’s a pleasure to drive. It’s not as savage as the turbo charged Formula 1 cars of the 1980s yet lacks the precision and finesse which makes the modern Formula 1 cars rather easy to drive. It’s a challenge but not frustrating.


To successfully race it one has to drive by thought rather than instinct. it will lock it’s wheel up under hard braking and the tail will kick out under hard acceleration. You have to think two or three corners ahead and plan your attacks on the other cars rather than just throwing it into a situation and expecting it to be able to handle it.


Overall it is a fun, challenging car to drive and a nice break from the modern automobile.

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