BDC Rockingham: Drift Games

The British Drift Championship has undergone a huge transformation this year and one of the changes has been the introduction of Drift Games.

Drift Games is a set of fan decided challenges that the drivers can partake in. The challenges include 360 entry where the cars have to spin 360 degrees on initiation, drift limbo where the cars have to drift through a gap that gets smaller and smaller every run, freestyle drift where the drivers just get to go nuts and put on a show for the crowd and many more.

The game the fans voted for at Rockingham was backwards entry. In this game drivers would have to throw their car into the corner as backwards as humanly possible then maintain their drift around the corner to win.

The course set up for this was somewhat akin to a horseshoe. The drivers would come off of the start line up a stretch of straight track and the initiate into a long left hand turn. In the actual competition this corner would then transition into a right hand 90 degree bend but the drivers could cut throttle at that point and cruise back to the start finish line.

Many came to tackle the challenge but few succeeded. I would imagine that in the car going nearly flat out into a corner backwards is quite a daunting experience haha! The run off’s weren’t particularly massive at Rockingham so a mistake could be very costly!

Local (to me) driver and crowd favourite Danny Grundy found out just how daunting this challenge could be. He was super aggressive on entry and managed to get the car past the magic 90 degrees mark but was carrying far too much speed and nearly under-steered into the wall! Lightning fast reaction managed to keep that orange S14 out of trouble though and he was able to kick the back back out and spin the car to a stop in a big cloud of smoke.


The Japspeed chaps; Paul Smith, Shane Lynch and Matt Carter also had a good go. Matt Carter managed to get the best angle on his first run but came off the track which landed him a low score.


Paul Smith had what would have been an awesome qualifying run but the initiation was just under 90 degrees.


Shane Lynch in the sharpie art 370Z also went in with huge angle but the car snapped back around and he very nearly under-steered into the tyre wall.


Man of the moment though was Marc Huxley in his old school Celica. He put down two amazing runs which scored him two 26’s out of possible 30’s. You can see from this screen grab just how huge the angle of his initiations were.


Great, great fun! I’ve yet to fully catch up with the rest of the competition from Rockingham but BDC this year is going to be amazing! The quality of the live stream is superb, from what I have watched there has been no particularly long down times and it just feels like a truly professionally run championship. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season!

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