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A life coach is in some ways akin to a therapist but a life coach can cover every aspect of life rather than just mental health related issues. One can seek a life coach to help them out with financial goals, career goals, relationship goals and much more. Like a therapist they are there to steer the conversation so you come up with the answers that you seek.

Tracey Livingstone is a London based American life coach who has been recovered from bulimia for 8 years now. Although she coaches on any subject it is clear to see that a big part of what she does is trying to help people with bulimia, or any other mental health condition, change their perspective on things. She invited me to a free webinar which was sort of a taster session as to what she does.

The online webinars are hosted on a website (and browser add on) called Zoom. It’s super easy to install and takes literally minutes to set up. The software does access your computers camera and microphone but Tracey has all the cameras turned off so no one can see you. She also has your mic muted unless she would like to discuss something with you or you volunteer to share something with the group. Most of the discussion between members takes place in a text chat.

So lets talk about the webinar itself. It was titled: Heal an Eating Disorder, Focus on What you DO Want. It actually turned out to be a lot different than I was expecting. In the Eating Disorder recovery groups I am a part of, on this blog and in real life I often talk about the importance of pursuing your passions in terms of hobbies and at work and I was expecting Tracey to sort of talk about that but she didn’t. She used visualisation exercises and asked us questions which got us thinking about how to be at peace with our internal selves rather than with than with our external influence on the world.

One visualisation exercise that I thought particularly interesting was where she got us to travel forward and imagine what a fully cured and happy version of ourselves would be like. What would we say and do, what standards would we live by, how would we feel etc. It was an interesting grounding technique. I know I for one often worry about the material and how I will be able to move forward financially and be a bit more of a “grown up” but Tracey’s technique made me think about how to achieve being the human-being that I want to be rather than where I want to fit in to society.

I would consider myself in a pretty good place right now. Not perfect but certainly not as bad as it could be and I found the short webinar to be really useful.

Any coach’s services are paid, its not a NHS program so they do have to charge. Her prices aren’t extortionate though. The four week August eating disorder program thing cost $397 or roughly £300 with gives you access to webinars, one on one training sessions over Skype and a Facebook group chat so everyone in the program can stay in touch and share their thoughts, achievements and failures throughout the course. If I wasn’t living the near minimum wage dream and didn’t have a car to finish I would certainly consider it just for the educational experience!

Tracey has another free webinar fast approaching on the 15th of July at 3pm. If you would like to find out more about the webinar or more about what Tracey does, please visit her website at!


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  1. Thank you Richard for joining the webinar and sharing your insights in this very well-written piece. Coaching is a powerful tool for healing an eating disorder and I look forward to the next free webinar on July 15 to keep up the momentum. Your first group was amazing! People can register directly here, all are welcome:

    xx, TraceyLiv

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