Barry Bradley: Kart Racing for Mental Health

Earlier this month a kart racer by the name of Barry Bradley got in touch with me. Barry lives in the Southern U.S state of Tennessee where, I’m told, mental health conditions really aren’t understood by the general populous yet.

Having battled depression, GAD and bi-polar for over 20 years, Barry has tried all sorts of different medications, ECT, inpatient treatments and talking therapies. Finally in 2015 he found a combination that worked for him and has allowed him to get back to enjoy his life and marriage and pursuing his childhood dream of racing.


Barry uses his time on track to not only let those who are in a bad place know that their dreams are achievable but also to get those in his motorsport community talking about mental health. Raising awareness and understanding of conditions such as those he has suffered.


Off track Barry is a presenter for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in Tennessee. NAMI do a lot of work with individuals and families who are struggling to understand or come to grips with mental illness and do lots of work within the community to raise awareness.

If you would like to get involved with NAMI Tennessee their website can found here:

We wish Barry the best of luck with his racing. If you are on the market for a go-kart engine I’m sure Barry would hugely appreciate it if you were to check out

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