Assetto Corsa: Lamborghini Countach

I’ve always thought of the Lamborghini Countach as being one of the staples of 1980’s excess with it’s boxy, yet elegant design and screaming carb fed V12. The play thing of new money businessman with sharp suits and over sized cell phones.

The Countach was an advanced car though. It debuted in 1974, where one could say it was well ahead of it’s time, and only received limited changes until production ended in 1990.

Assetto Corsa have once again captured the essence of the car perfectly. It’s available in numerous real life factory colour options and features a well detailed cream leather interior. Note the stitching around the square centre console and all the 1980s square buttons! I love a good old fashioned square button!


I always take the cars out with “factory” option driver aids, so the newer cars are fitted with ABS and traction control but the older cars aren’t to give a more authentic experience. Of the cars without, the Countach is actually incredibly easy to drive! The steering is very precise and accurate, it doesn’t want to understeer or spin out all the time. The brakes are responsive too. They will lock up under hard, late braking but are much later to lock up than a lot of the other cars I have driven in this game.


It’s a quick car too. The car in real life will reach over 180mph. I was unable to test that on Monza but I can well believe it is capable of this in game too. All the gears are quite long but the car has the grunt to get itself going again quite quickly even if you are in too high of a gear. It feels like a street car. It doesn’t have the crazy short ratios that a lot of the race cars, especially of this era.


As always, the Countach has been an interesting insight into a car I will probably never be able to drive. Assetto Corsa is still a great game and I highly recommend it.

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