I Honestly Don’t Know What This Is.

I’m not really sure quite what happened here or how this came to be, but I was staring at some left over foam board from another project and I asked myself “Can I attach wheels to this?”. Alas, I had a hunt through my bits box and found enough to make a functioning car.


Now, believe it or not, there was actually quite a lot of head scratching that went between these photos and the last. The wheels are the obvious change but, believe it or not, that’s more for aesthetics than anything else. I also deemed that the body and chassis were going to be one since this is more of a bored experiment than actual model making.

The wheel base is 7cm and the axles are set 7mm away from the bottom of the body. Even though it’s a terrible idea I want it to work as a slot car so the actual foot print of the “car” (I used that term loosely) still has to be accurate.

To make any holes in the foam board such as those for the axles, I use a scalpel to make an incision and then push it through with a small Philips head screwdriver. Cutting foam board is also a lot easier with a scalpel than any sort of scissor.


The motor would need to be suspended from it’s mount like one of the 90’s Scalextric Minis. The foam board was too thick to use as a floor. Either the motor wouldn’t engage the gear or the floor would scrape along the ground, so suspened it will be! I used UHU to attach the motor to the mount and left enough room for the wires to pass over the top.


The guide would pretty much replicate those used on 1990s Scalextric cars. These metal pins would make the connection between braid and wire. They lay horizontally across their foam board so as the guide turns they stay on connection with the braid.


The metal then twists up through the board and is connected to the motor wire by a tiny spade connector.


The guide itself is simply pushed on through the board.


All the bits are then stuck together with PVA and I cut the front of the walls of the…car… to make it look a little more aerodynamic haha!


So do I recommend using foam board as a slot car building material? Absolutely not! IS it fun to watch go around a track? Absolutely! It’s very light. I’m curious to know how it weighs in comparison with the other types of slot cars I have. I must get some of those digital food scales some day soon!

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