Assetto Corsa: Audi Quattro S1 E2

Ohhhh I feel like a turn coat today! Talking about an Audi in a positive light? Terrible!

This particular Audi comes before the time that middle management types who think they are more important than everyone else got a hold if them. It is also possibly cream of the crop of the coolest era of rally cars ever.

I am of course, talking about the Audi Quattro S1 E2.


For a little historical context, Group B was a set of fairly lax rules to which rally cars could be built in the 1980s. Some of the most insane machines were built for Group B from the mid engined, 4 wheel drive, tube framed hatch backs from Peugeot and MG to the limited production sports cars entered by Ford and Lancia

The E2 is the second iteration of Audi’s Group B rally car and was introduced at the end of 1985. The car had a turbocharged inline 5 which powered all four wheels and was officially rated at 470bhp (although the actual figure was over 500 but don’t tell anyone!) the E2 also featured a body kit comprised of a big splitter, wide arches and a huge rear wing. The bodykits themselves are in my eyes a staple of Group B racing. The 6R4 Metro has to be the most outlandish of them!

In terms of Assetto Corsa I can’t help but feel the car is a little out of place. It drives superbly still and feels like an accurate representation of the car, however in it’s default set up it has 5 fairly short ranged gears which means it will top out at 160mph. Awesome for tight and twisting rally stages but on the long paved tracks featured in this game it feels as if it runs out of legs quite quickly. I was driving it on the Highlands track which runs through the Scottish countryside. This is one of the tighter tracks and even here it feels very short geared in it’s default form.


As an in game model? Well, it’s Assetto Corsa, you know it’s going to be gorgeous! The car fully detailed both inside and out and sounds as awesome as it looks. The cockpit model is interesting with this relay system going on in the centre console. I’ll have to look that up to see what those relays controlled in real life. I’ve seen a similar set up with fuses before for easy access but not relays.


The car handles like it’s on rails. I use “factory” driver assists so if the car has an assist in real life then it gets it in game. So cars from the 60s will be very raw compared to modern era cars which have lots of onboard computers. I’m not 110% sure that this car would have come with any driving aids. I have owned real life cars from just a couple of years later that have come with basic ABS which this car feels like it has. The handling might just be a result of the incredible mechanical grip that this car would have produced though.


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