Christmas Car Calendar: Richard Bowman-Daniels

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Richard Bowman-Daniels is a long time supporter of this blog and his King of the Ring E36 featured in last years calendar. However, he has been working on something rather special over the past year or so which he has used to compete in the Diemax Drift Challenge at Norfolk Arena. That special something is a 2.5 straight six E36 with a custom turbo!

Lewis Collard estate

(Picture courtesy of Lewis Collard)

The car started life as a humble 318i. An M50 straight six was soon swapped in as often happens when these are drifted. Richard didn’t think that was quite enough though and decided to go down the turbo route. The car is currently sitting at around 280hp which is a lot to go through the standard 1.8 running gear! Once management is sorted the car should be making about 430bhp but Richard plans to swap in a ZF 5 speed out of a 328i and use a 328 small case diff to give the car more legs for longer tracks. If he wants to run shorter tracks like Norfolk or KOTR then he can always go back to the 318 diff.

Chassis wise the car is running FK coilovers and Richard is running a home made lock kit which gives him nearly as much lock as Wise Fab.

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