Christmas Car Calendar: Johnny Smith

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Johnny Smith is a name you should recognise from this blog. He is a regularly featured driver in the King of the Ring posts and this is the car he is going to be taking to Drift Cup next year:


The car has already campaigned in BDC and Driftcup and thus is already set up for competition with HSD suspension and lock mods. The car is powered by a 2.5 litre M50 straight six but has the shorter ratio running gear out of a 1.6 to make it super responsive and snappy but a full set of Westlakes keep it planted to the track.

Inside it’s fully caged with door bars, has a single bucket seat and multi point harness and a deep dish steering wheel. I really like the battery relocation box as well! Looks very tidy!


Although it’s a much cleaner build than most King of the Ring cars the specifications aren’t vastly different apart from the obvious safety items. Most of the top contenders there are now running suspension and lock set ups that are similar to this and the drive trains are the same. Drift Cup is obviously still a big financial step up from King of the Ring because of the logistics of moving your car and self around the country but it would be nice to see more drivers from KOTR move up as I know they have the talent and (with a bit of TLC) maybe even the cars!

I wish Johnny the best of luck at Drift Cup next year! I’m sure he will ace it! He’d like to thank Violent-D and AJD Transport for the continued support!

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