Christmas Car Calendar: Bentley Perkins

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The original VW Beetle is a car that, like the original Mini and Mk1 MX5, is a car that puts a smile on your face every time you see one. The VW Beetle is also a car that, like the original Mini and Mk1 MX5, is very easy to modify. Over the years people have swapped Subaru and Porsche engines into Beetles, lowered them, put different wheels on them and have painted them lots of different colours. They are a cult car and have a well established following of people who like to modify them.

Bentley is having none of that though! His Beetle is a 1967 1200cc car finished in Fontana Grey. It is a 100% original car and that’s the way he intends to keep it!


This Beetle is also Bentley’s only car. He has a motorbike that gets him to and from work but anything that requires the use of a car falls onto the Beetle’s shoulders. It’s his first car and he has owned it for 8 years now, nothing has tempted him from the bug path! That’s dedication!


1967 is a special year for these. In the mid 60’s production was in full boom but the Beetle was facing a number of competitors and the original 30’s design was starting to show it’s age. In 1967 VW brought out a number of modifications including a redesigned rear suspension, 12V electrical system, a drivers side mirror, two speed windscreen wipers and revised headlights. This configuration only lasted a year as in 1968 even more changes were introduced. This makes an original 1967 car a rarity!


Bentley is actually a co-host of a blog/vlog called The Back Roads, which can be found here:


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