Christmas Car Calendar: Rai Khan

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A few years ago if you had said to a Mercedes enthusiast that the W202 was going to start becoming a collectable car they would have turned their nose up at you. The first generation C-Class (W202) has often been considered to be inferior to it’s predecessor; the 190e (W201). Many have often considered the car to be a symbol of the merger with Chrysler in the late 1990s and therefore not a “true Mercedes”. In my opinion though I think the W202 is worthy of respect and is worthy of it’s status as a “young timer” classic. I am biased though, myself owning a C240 Sport with Designo interior which you would have seen throughout this blog.

Rai Khan’s W202 also has a Designo interior and is also in Obsidian Black, that’s where the similarities end though. Firstly, Rai’s car has red interior whereas mine is blue and being a pre-facelifted car has a different dashboard and steering wheel. His is also mechanically a lot different to mine being equipped with an M111 inline 4 and 5 speed manual gearbox.


Externally the car has been quite heavily modified. Not so obvious to many may be the post face-lift lights and bumpers (with fog lights) and the wing mirrors from a W140 S-Class. The car is also sitting on white Japan Racing wheels with white graphics. Internally Rai has installed a Kode deep dish steering wheel and Vibe speakers and has had screens installed into the rear headrests. mechanically the car is pretty much standard apart from the backbox which is reminiscent of an AMG unit.


It’s intersting how much our two cars vary. He is going down the modified route whereas I’m going down the restorative route. It’s cool that two people can take a similar car and have totally different visions for it. I wish Rai the best of luck with it!


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