Christmas Car Calendar: Mark Anthony Clarence

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I’m sure we’ve all written something out knowing in our minds what we have wanted to say to go back and delete it again and again because it just doesn’t sound right. Normally it’s a drunken text to a girl you fancy declaring your unbridled love or a particular sentence in an essay at school that isn’t quite portraying what you want to explain. I’m actually having that difficulty with this blog post, I’ve written this opening section four or five times now just to go back and delete it.

It’s not because I have a shortage of things to say about Mark’s car. I’ve written about it before, both in last year’s “Drift Cars of December” and in passing in King of the Ring posts throughout the year. It’s still a nice car and is worthy of another blog post but to write ‘just’ about the car would only be telling half a story as Mark is a top bloke and a great ambassador to the drifting community.


I picked that word ambassador very deliberately to describe Mark. An ambassador is a representative of an organisation or an activity and I would be happy to introduce Mark as a representative of the drifting community as he’s a super approachable dude and really supportive of a lot of people and brands within the drifting community! He seems to want to see people succeeding in what they want to do be that learning to drift, pushing style at practise days, competing or brand building.

It’s important to have people like Mark around and to follow his example. To not create animosity between each other and to support each other’s progression for we can succeed as collective!


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