Christmas Car Calendar: Luke Paul

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Luke Paul and his car should be familiar with the regular readers of this blog. Luke is the resident DJ at King of the Ring and his stunning Mazda RX8, which never fails to find itself in front of my camera lens, is normally parked close to his booth.


The gorgeous wheels it’s sitting on are 18 inch Weds Cerburus’ that Luke imported specifically for this car. The rears are 10j et-1 and the fronts are 9j et0. To get them sitting under the arches nicely the car is lowered on HSD coilovers. INGS+1 skirts and a Seibon carbon front lip bring the car even closer to the floor.


The car isn’t just a show pony though! Essex Rotary have completely rebuilt and bridge ported the engine. Bridge porting, from my limited knowledge is kinda like porting a regular engine’s cylinder head to allow more air in and out of the combustion chamber. That air is introduced to the engine via a big AEM cold air take and leaves via a custom made exhaust that leads to a HKS Super Dragor box from a RX7.


The car retains it’s full interior as it is still in regular use and RX8s are rather nice inside! Luke has made some changes to make the car a little more track or drift focused. The original steering wheel has been replaced with a Royal Grip unit, the car also has a Sparco Evo bucket seat with Takata harness to keep the driver planted when the vehicle is going sideways! Luke has also installed some additional gauges included air/fuel ratio, water temp and oil pressure so he can keep an eye on things whilst driving spiritedly. Being an audio guy he has also installed a Focal DSA500 subwoofer in the back to add some more depth to Mazda’s factory Bose system.

I look forward to seeing Luke at next year’s King of the Ring events. He has started up his own brand, Final Form, with Warren Runnicles; another good friend of mine who owns some cool cars! Final Form can be found on Instagram @Final_Form.

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