Christmas Car Calendar: Matthew Fellows


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I’ve known Matthew Fellows for a good 5 or 6 years now. I first met him at D1RC when that was a thing. He’s always had interesting track/fast road toys from bikes to a built Corsa to a Nissan S14 drift car and now he has an R32 GTR which he’s owned for about 18 months.


(I didn’t take this photos, they were sent to me unwatermarked. Credit goes to respective photographer.)

Matt’s car is a 1993 “Spec 3” R32 GTR in black pearl. The R32 was the first of the GTRs to feature the legendary RB26 straight six and four wheel drive. They dominated Group A touring car racing through the late 80s and early 90s, which earned the car the nickname “Godzilla”,  before a change in rules in 1993 made the platform obsolete in the sport. The GTR’s legend didn’t fade away however. The RB26 featured in the R32-R34 platform is hugely tunable, with examples around the world pushing well over a thousand horsepower. The chassis’ are well catered for in the aftermarket world too with a huge selection of body and suspension parts available for those who wish to modify them.

Matt’s is a little less flamboyant. His car was built with driving performance and reliability in mind. The car features Apexi air filters and a HKS Super Dragger exhaust to keep the air moving and a Trust intercooler to keep things cool. Underneath the car is sitting on Cusco coilovers and 18″ Rota MXRs hide the K-Sport 8 pot brakes. Outside the car has Nismo N1 headlights and front bumper. Matt has no immediate intentions of modifying it further, he just plans to keep it clean and enjoy it!


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