Christmas Car Calendar: Andrew Corrigan

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Today we will be having a look at Andrew Corrigan’s 1991 Honda NSX.

The first generation Honda NSX was a mid engined sports car built between the years 1990 and 2005. It was designed primarily to compete against the Ferrari 328 and 348 and in many ways surpassed it. New, the NSX cost less than half of the Ferrari yet featured a Pininfarina designed aluminium body and a C series VTEC V6 that was smaller and more efficient than the Tipo V8s it was competing with.

Over the years the NSX has gained a bit of a cult following, it’s another fantastic example of the Japanese building a superior car to their European counterparts for considerably less cost to the consumer. As with most Japanese icons though they rarely stay standard, Andrew’s is one of the better examples of modified NSXs I’ve seen though. The modifications have been well thought out and don’t deter from the character of the original car.


(I didn’t take this photos. Credit goes to respective photographer.)

This particular example has a Full Advance Flat Out body kit and wing which really suits the car. The Mugen rear hatch is a nice addition with the air intake vent. The car is lowered on Bilstein shocks with Volk TE37s, 17×7.5 at the front and 18×9.5 at the rear, to fill the arches. I really like the matching red Volk logos on the wheels.

Underneath the Mugen hatch the car has TODA Racing independent throttle bodies and Sports Injection Kit, Autostaff fuel pressure regulator and meter controlled by a HKS F-Con ECU with MINES VX-Rom. HKS Racing spark plugs to provide detonation. Waste from that detonation is then carried to the back of the car via a Fujitsubo exhaust system.


Inside Andrew has made the car quite a comfortable place. Sound is provided by an Alpine DVA-7899J single din head unit with an Alpine H700 equaliser. Steering wheel and shift boot are from an NSX-R. Seats are a Trial N1-Special D and a Bride Lowmax. Both are Kevlar bucketed seats.

Andrew’s NSX is a tastefully modified example. I wish him many more happy years of ownership!

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