Balsa Wood Super Cub Build Part 6: Review

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In the last instalment of the Super Cub build we doped the covering and painted it (you can read that here)

All that was left to do was put the pieces together and we have a finished model! I thought that rather than showing you that process I’d just show you the finished article and, give a bit of a review of the kit as a total beginner to balsa wood building then explain what I have learnt and will do differently next time.

So, without further ado – here is the Super Cub! The kit as been built exactly as the kit suggests; the only changes I have made have been aesthetic: painting the prop and wheels and adding my own graphics.


The kit used to make this was the Guillow’s Piper Super Cub 95. You can get yours from Amazon by following this link: Guillow’s Piper Super Cub 95 Model Kit


The kit itself was an absolute joy to put together. If you don’t get this particular kit but you are just starting out I would highly recommend a kit with the laser cut wood as it saves so much time and makes tackling the kit much less intimidating.

Guillow’s also provide a lot of spare tissue and balsa strips should you get anything wrong which I thought was a nice touch, especially as a beginner when there was most certainly the possibility for things to go wrong!

I also used EZE Dope to dope the covering. It can be brought from Amazon here: Eze Dope 250ml It’s nice because it’s odourless and safe so you can use it indoors which, if you live in the freezing & wet cold UK, is a god send.  It also just dilutes with water rather than a thinner too which should save a little money.

The internet says to spray the EZE Dope/water mixture onto the model though. In future builds I won’t be spraying it I will be brush painting it on as brush painting gives so much more control! I did find that when sprayed on it did dry blotchy and uneven.

Before flight you need to make sure the weight of the aircraft is balanced. Tail heavy will cause a stall and nose heavy will cause a dive. Guillow’s do provide a weight but mine was perfectly balanced out of the box! It’s also had a test glide as well and landed nicely on it’s wheels which was a nice surprise haha!

All in all though I really enjoyed the experience. It was a nice challenge to work with balsa and tissue and I’m very much looking forward to developing this skill with future builds.
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By Richard Francis

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