Motorsport For Mental Health is a blog designed to introduce people in need of a positive factor in life to the world of motorsport. I try to cover as many aspects of motorsport as I can from from slot cars to RC cars to Drifting (Both grassroots and pro) to Formula 1. Whatever a persons budget, space or ability we want to make sure that was have something for them!

The other half of the blog is to help people understand various mental health issues. I conduct interviews with people who have different issues and try my best to explain my own. By doing this I hope to reduce the misconceptions that people have about those with a mental health issue.

If you or your company have a product you would like me to review or if we can sort out a full sponsorship package for your company please email me at motorsportformentalhealth@yahoo.com



  1. Good morning.

    I have seen your write from the king of the ring at Essex arena on Saturday night. I’m a amature photographer who was at the event and took some photos. Not sure if you are interested in using them however if you are please let me know and I can email you un watermarked images.

    Photos are on found here :



  2. Hi rich.
    I have a mental health diagnosis but have come a long way in recovery. I have just passed my driving test too which as a 36 year old makes me the oldest fud nut to take it that week. I’ve always been interested in motorsport but was disheartened by seeing that I may never get a competition racing licence. Could you give me some advice on what I may be able to do in motorsport as a speed licence for Hill climbing doesn’t cut it for me.. any advice or knowledge in this area would be appreciated. Regards, Michael.

    1. Hi Michael! Thanks for getting in touch!

      There are plenty of different types of racing that don’t require a Category B race licence that can be done on a small(ish) budget. Autograss class 2 for instance is brilliant fun with cars that are readily available for prep as are some other oval formulas such as micro bangers and stock rods.

      Drifting is another easy one to get into and the cars really don’t take a huge amount of prep work. A E36 BMW with coilovers and a welded diff is normally enough to get you started.

      RWYB type drag racing events are good as well and are pretty much open to any sort of car at any budget.

      Where abouts are you based? I’ll see if I know of any tracks/clubs near you

  3. Hi bill,
    Thanks for fast reply, I’m living in rugeley so nearest stock oval is 4 miles away in hednesford hills raceway. I checked their website after I saw your reply but it’s so badly constructed most buttons on menu don’t work and share very little info. It’s owned by incarrace. I’m obviously new to motorsport so was disheartened to read that I may not get a racing licence for competition. I’m interested in the autograss 2 and the stock on the oval but I’d really like a decent racing circuit with straights, corners, hairpins etc.. as for practicing or car development what would be my options, I have a good sized workshop, a cnc milling machine, kiln, autoclave and good engineering knowledge and material science knowledge so I’m looking to self build a 2.0 Ltr dohc roadster based on the Peugeot 307 2.0 xsi petrol engine (the same one used by the 207 gti). I’m looking to build it from carbon fiber as I’m able to produce good quality epoxy resin and can get a good amount of carbon weave from a Chinese suppliers. Any further help would be appreciated. Also final question, are their any petitions or anti discriminatory groups lobbying the racing licencing bodies to repeal their regulation regarding the licences for mental health conditions in favour of more stringent medical assessments e.g. a quarterly assessment combined with a pretty race assessment, coordinated with mental health professionals? I hope I’m not alone in suggesting that it makes more sense to implement conditions such as these to improve availability to motorsport for all.. having a mental health disability is hard enough knowing that the real challenge is the 19th century perspective of governing bodies regarding mental health. Sometimes it seems like I can have no limbs (any physical disability) and race any competition but because I have a mental health condition they stutter and avoid avoid avoid lol.. it’s a tough world to crack..

    1. Hi Michael!

      It’s Rich 🙂 I’m from Billericay in Essex so my user name is Billericay Dicky haha!

      Yeah pretty much any racing formula outside of the ovals require a category B.

      I think quarterly and pre race assessments would be an easy way around it. If ambulance staff were properly trained in mental health assessment pre race would be great! Yet another argument towards better mental health training. Quarterly is easy though as a GP can do it if needs be.

      I’ll do my best to support your petition! I’ll share around for you!

      Your workshop is more than ready hahaha! It’s much much much more sophisticated than mine!

      Car development and practise all come to seat time. Get yourself booked onto some MSA track days at your local circuit and tweak the car as you drive it and get as much time with it as you can!

      Many thanks

  4. Hi guys,

    I’ve made this petition in the hope that you guts could help share this on your social media accounts and blogs.

    Hopefully with enough support we will all be able to use it to gain a competition licence.

    Here’s the link:


    Any questions feel free to ask.


  5. hey michael

    just wanted to hope you are well and your mental health is better and good for you wanting to distract yourself
    miss you mf

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