One small step for Rich, one huge leap for Rich kind.

Wednesday the 18th November 2015 was a day of progress for me.

Arena Essex’s Wednesday night drift practise runs from 4 until 9. It’s my local track and there is a lot of track time to be had for the £40 entry fee (spectators are free!). It runs through what I would consider to be my ‘dinner time’ too, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to get something out, something that I am usually very anxious about.

Drifting itself was great fun, the little E36 compact that Rayleigh Tyres put together for me didn’t skip a beat all night and I feel like I learnt a lot…Even if it didn’t necessarily show in my drifting 😛

Panzer and BMW

(My trusty Mercedes W124 ‘Panzer’ acting as a support vehicle and my E36)

Monday is the day for motorsport posts though, Thursdays are mental  health posts days so I wanted to share with you my little achievement.

If you’re new to  this blog I suffer from a lot of anxieties surrounding food; eating away from ‘safe places’, eating the wrong size portions and food I haven’t prepared etc etc.  At least once a week for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to get food out and eat it somewhere I wouldn’t consider safe.. I.e, in the restaurant.

Yesterday was no exception, I strolled into Burger King in Thurrock and ordered a chicken burger and fries but the cashier got the order wrong and gave me a ‘large meal’. Surprisingly, I sat there and managed to eat the lot. I felt very sick at first but that soon passed, especially once I got back in my drift car and had other things to worry about.

This has further enforced to me that an anxiety is purely a thought. There is nothing physical to any sort of phobia or anxiety, they can all be over come but one has to jump in the deep end.

Thanks for reading

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