Panzer’s anniversary!

It’s the 1st anniversary of my ownership of my W124 this weekend! I’m away at Autosport Show this weekend so we are celebrating early.

At some point in it’s life the car had retrofitted a set of rear facing seats. Some W124 estates did come with rear facing seats from factory with proper seatbelt mountings. This conversion was a bit bodged together though. The seats were grey leather rather than the cream cloth that the rest of the interior is in and the seat belts were lap belts rather than the the proper seat belts it should have come with. Unsafe and ugly! They had to go!

Recently a chap in Germany by the name of Sebastian announced that he was going to be stripping out his cream interior to replace it with black. There were a few bits I was after but sadly all I could get was the boards as there is obviously quite a lot of difference in the forward interior between left and right hand drive cars.

Fast forward a couple of weeks they arrived. They had some staining but really nothing extreme. I cleaned them up in about 5 minutes with Dr Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover, which seems to get through just about any dirt!


Fitting is literally a case of unbolting the old set and bolting the new set in. I obviously got rid of the lap belts which just unbolted from the frame of the car. I reinserted the bolts into their holes as I’m not 100% sure where those holes actually go to and I didn’t want moisture getting up through the holes into the carpet.


Voila! It’s not a perfect colour match but it looks so much better than they grey! I have a nice little storage pocket under the rear most board now that the cushion isn’t there 😀

I will be at Autosport Show at Birmingham NEC on Saturday 🙂 Please do let me know if you are going!

Thanks for reading!


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