Autosport International Part 5: Radshape RC

Radshape RC are one of the largest RC shops here in the UK. They are based in the Midlands and hold a massive stock of a wide variety of models. They also have a drift track and a ‘scale mountain’ for the crawlers to use.

They brought a surprisingly large stand to Autosport International which was divided into three sections. The right hand section was a shop which contained a fair few static models and RC cars ranging from 1:14th scale micro drift cars to buggies and crawlers. The section on the other end was a crawler course with obstacles and such. The middle section was a drift track with various cars available for the public to use and Rory Edwards performing demos in his RWD Kazama Auto Spidercks GS-XR. DSC_1283DSC_1285It was nice to catch up with Rory. For those unfamiliar with him he has been drifting RC cars for about 5 years now and a full size 200sx for a little while longer and presently works at Radshape RC when he isn’t in college. Since we live so far away from each other I haven’t seen him for a number of years now so it was nice to catch up and sort of reflect on the growth of the community, both at individual places such as Radshape RC and Rayleigh RC and nationally.

I’ve never really had much to do with Radshape themselves. I browse through their website from time to time tormenting myself, but have never brought anything from them or even spoken to any of the staff there other than Rory. They all seemed to be super approachable though and happy to answer any of the public’s questions; which is what the hobby needs, especially for new comers who aren’t sure what to get or do, it helps massively to be able to have a local friendly store to ask!

So if you’re in the Midlands and want to get involved with RC drifting be sure to head over to Radshape! I’m sure Rory will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well, he is a super knowledgeable guy!

Radshape’s website can be found here:
And Rory’s Facebook page can be found here:  (be sure to drop in and give him a like ;))

Thanks to Radshape for putting out a good display! There will have to be an Essex invasion there soon I reckon!

Thanks for reading!

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