Rolls Royce slot car build part 4 (finish)

Hi guys,

So we come to the final part of the Rolls Royce build. Here is the link to part 3 incase you missed it:

And here is the finished article:


Now, I must confess this is a fantasy livery. The car is supposed to be as driven by E.W Hives car as driven at Brooklands in 1912; it should be Old English White with a black chassis. However, the car pictured on Pendle’s website is straight silver. I liked the black chassis of the proper car but prefer the silver of the display model. So I mixed the two together!

The silver on the body and wheel covers is a Halfords colour (I know I’m digging my own grave but I’ve always had good results with their paint, better results than with more expensive paints actually), the leather straps were two thin strips of sign writing vinyl laid over the bonnet and then painted Vallejo red leather. The black of the chassis is also Vallejo black and the copper that makes up the radiator housing and the centre caps on the wheels (just to break up the silver) is also a Vallejo colour. There are also two shades of silver. The body is one colour then the leaf springs, fuel filler cap, radiator cap and the centre of the steering wheel are in a slightly darker Humbrol silver, although you can’t see that. The drivers skin, overalls and helmet were again painted with Vallejo colours and his driving gloves and the leather part of his helmet were painted red leather.

Although somewhat costly in comparison to Humbrol paint I really can’t recommend Vallejo highly enough, regardless of what time of modelling you do, it just finishes so flat and nicely and does not look brush painted at all!

I found a Slot It deep wood guide to put on there to compensate for the height. Although they are too deep for a regular height car on plastic track it sits perfectly in the slot on this, doesn’t bottom out at all!

It won’t be breaking any land speed records today but it sure looks good going round! Maybe my next build will be a car built for speed, we shall see!

As always, thanks for reading! This series has been really popular with the slot car community of Facebook, I’m thankful for the warm welcome and will be doing some more slot car stuff soon!

See ya!

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