Making a switch panel for Quasimodo.

Today was one of those days when you know you have to do something but you really can’t be bothered. So I thought I’d do something pretty easy and make a switch panel to bolt onto these two dash mounts.


At the moment it’s just for my electric window switches but eventually there will be other things going there as well such as a battery isolation switch.



I am going to making the panel out of this A3 sized bit of ABS plastic. Scissors cut through it which is handy but I’ll be using my drill to make the holes for the bolts.

After measuring it and cutting it down to size I used a paint pen to mark where I need to drill with a paint pen and made the holes.


White marks. On the right I will be cutting the top one. It’s always best to measure twice and cut once!


Took it inside, cleaned the cuts up with the scalpel and then fitted it into place.


Finally it was just a case of putting the window switches in. I must admit I didn’t do a fantastic job at measuring and when the holes were too small I did go a little too far back with filing them, they hold the switches though so they do the job!


We are slowly getting there with this car! Thanks for reading

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