Battlesbridge Classic Car Show and Autojumble

I wasn’t originally intending on going to the Battlesbridge classic car show but the autograss event I was planning on going to got cancelled at the last minute and Battlesbridge is local so I thought I would have a wander up to see what was going on…

I was simply not expecting it to be such a massive show! I was planning to arrive roughly an hour after the gates opened thinking that the queues would be gone and I could simply drive up to the gates! I was so wrong! The queue to get in was literally about half a mile long! It was fantastic to see so many people out enjoying the cars. The queue gave me an oppurtunity to fix a loose connection on the wiring of the stereo in my W124 ‘Panzer’


The Panzer wasn’t the only W124 at the show! This lovely 300CE kept it company in the car park…


There were a few other Mercs in the show too! The most striking of which was this 190SL. A very expensive car to buy and this example was well maintained!


The R107 is a popular classic Mercedes, there were a few on show at Battlesbridge…


…including this stunning example on AMG wheels. DSC_0477DSC_0479

This W111 that stood next to it was cool too!

To end this train of Mercedes it was nice to see a W201 190e next to a BMW E30. Old rivals!

I actually really like them both! There was a nice E30 cabriolet in a really cool green! Could any BMW fans tell me if this is a factory colour?


This 3.0 CSI was a fair beast too! Looked good in the orange.


My chum from D1RC, Rhys Maskell’s VW Beetle finishes off the German stuff


There are more and more Jap cars finding their way onto the classic car circuit. This convertible auto MR2 was an interesting car. I’ve seen the t-tops but never a full convertible before! I never even knew they made an auto!


Anything Jap and older than the mid 80s is pretty rare. It was nice to see these 1970s Celicas and a Datsun 240Z out to show



This FB RX7 was a pleasure to see too! I’ve only ever seen one FB before. They don’t seem to be as popular as the later FC and FD models, which is a shame as they are really nice!


Now, something I’d never normally feature are Fords. I’m not a fan on creations from Dagenham but Ford U.S came up with some cracking cars! Like this Falcon and Galaxie


As always there were plenty of Mustangs present. This convertible really caught my eye! How can you say no to that interior!
This Ford Model A was nice too! Pre-war cars are so special!

Thankfully a few turned up! These Austins were nice!


Anyway, back to the Americans! There was a massive variety of cars on display!



I’m not 100% sure what this was but it’s cool!!


Buick Rivera


Chevrolet Corvair. I’ve never had the chance to see one of these in person. It’s a rear engined flat 6 powered car. Really cool!




Chevy truck, educate me on the model please as I really liked it and can’t remember what it said on the bit of paper in the window

and finally a Hudson.

There were a couple of kit cars mixed in the American cars too, hot-rods and two Ford GT40s. the Gulf liveried car was a really good replica!!


I really wouldn’t mind building a hit rod one day! They look like fun!


Anyway, that’s it for me today. I had great fun and will most certainly be coming back next year!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the mention on the 190e 2.3 – 16 and e30 m3

    Me and my brother own them and one of the reasons for that is there competition in the German touring caravan series as you mentioned.

    Nice one

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