Making a Hotwheels Replica of my car

Whilst perusing a Facebook selling group I found a Hotwheels W124 Estate, similiar to my real road car and I simply had to have it! It was a nice little model in green with a grey leather interior. A fairly well detailed and accurate model considering its size.


The only problem… well there are two problems; the huge clip that holds the rear of the body is one of them but that was quickly trimmed down. The other problem is that the real car is Desert Taupe/Hellbeige with cream interior.


So, of course, the little one had to change!

Stripping these was a little harder I anticipated. the back is simply a clip that holds the floor pan to the body but the front is held on by a small rivet. To remove it I drilled a small hole down the centre of the rivet and then chopped the lip of it away with a scalpel.


All masked up and with a magic lick of paint…


The body is done in the same desert taupe left over from my real car so it’s an exact colour match. The interior is done with Halfords khaki and is close enough to the colour in the full size car.

I then went made and added some detail to the inside. The wooden centre console, gear shift surround, stereo and some of the heater controls have all been painted in along with the black dashboard and steering wheel.


Sadly though, once the body is on you can’t see any of it.

Details to the body include the brake lights, front and rear indicators, reversing lights, the black bumpers and door handles and the chrome strip that goes down the side of the car.


All in all, I don’t think it turned out too bad. A fun little project that only took a couple of evenings after work.

Thanks for reading

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