Drifting With My Thumb!

Whilst stumbling through the app store the other day, looking for something to play, I discovered a cute little free game called Thumb Drift.

The idea is pretty simple. You drift a car through an endless course using your thumb to steer whilst collecting coins. As you get further and further into the track the car gets faster and faster and game only ends when you hit a wall.

The coins are used to unlock cars of which there are a large variety. They are all unlicensed and really don’t resemble any real cars at all.

This is clearly not a Ferrari Testarossa:


And is not an Infiniti G35:


Movie cars don’t even make an appearance. This is not Mad Max’s car:


My personal favourite is this classic Grand Prix car which honestly isn’t a Lotus Type 49. It looks so good going sideways!


There is a massive variety of tracks to choose from too. They get harder the further you get into the game.


Gymkhana is a dock yards with long sweeping corners. Shipping crates occasionally block the road which can make things tricky


Forest Road is a similar set up but the corners are tighter and the track is narrower. Cows can also be found grazing at the side of the road

(This screenshot may or may not have been taken seconds before disaster)


Beach Road is closer to a 4 lane highway. It reminds me a lot of the old Cruisin’ World arcade game. Civilian cars have been thrown into the mix in this stage which makes navagating the course quite a skill!

All in all, I’m really enjoying the game. It’s challenging, a tonne of fun and free to play which makes it even better! It’s available on both Ios and Android so go check it out!

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