I broke down! 

I was on my way up the M1 to Northamptonshire to pick up a new leather interior for my 230TE when we encountered traffic just 10 miles from my destination! 

The thermostat in the car had been sticking for sometime. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn’t. Two bolts had snapped in the thermostat housing though and getting them out really wasn’t a job I wanted to do. However, on this day it decided to stick.

I was sitting in the middle lane in standstill traffic and the temperature spiked up! I indicated to get over to the hard shoulder but by the time someone let me across it was too late…

The radiator and blown the side tank clean off of itself which was the end of my journey. Thankfully the AA were able to get me home safely. 

The old radiator is now out and a new one has been ordered. I’m just having to fight with the thermostat housing to get that off and away! 

So apologies for the lack of posts this week. Doing this radiator has been taking up all my time. We will be back on track soon! 
Thanks for reading 

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