Slot car Trabant Racing

Chaps and Chapettes,

As you may remember I built a slot car out of an old die-cast Trabant. The build post of which can be found here:

You may also remember that my Dad got exactly the same die-cast toy and proceeded to turn it into a slot car too. He took a different approach to his.

Like mine he retained most of the full interior but used the original floor pan so it sits more as a race car would do. His is also painted very very green with a green and white two tone interior.


The motor is Ninco, the gears are Scalectrix and the wheels are off of a Javelin which was a Scalectrix own brand car from the 1960s.


The two look interesting together. Mine is slightly heightened and his is slightly lowered so when put together it looks as if mine is stock and his is properly low.


The two cars make for an interesting racing pair. His is obviously quicker around the corners as it is lower but mine is quicker on the straights, which is interesting as I would have thought the Ninco motor would have better than the cheapo mabuchi sitting in my car.

I’m sure I will get him on some more projects on the future as it’s fun to see the routes two people go down with a totally blank canvas. Thanks for reading and as always be sure to follow me on Twittube and Faceagram!

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