Colouring Book for Me: Mental Health app

Adult colouring in books seem to be in the in thing at the moment for combating stress. Colouring in calms the mind and occupies the hands, it’s an action that doesn’t require a lot of thought, is satisfying and the colours make people feel good.

For the above reasons colouring in is also good for beating panic attacks. If the mind is racing it’s a simple action that can help you bring back control and slow your thoughts to a more sensible pace. You can also immerse yourself in colouring in; if you are in an uncomfortable place it is stimulating enough to take your mind off of the immediate situation around you.

However, one can’t carry a colouring in book and pencils around all day, it just isn’t practical. What does every person carry around with them all day everyday though? Their phone!

Allow me to introduce Colouring Book for Me, an app that is literally a digital colouring in book.

Images are added daily so there is always fresh content, if you are just downloading the app now then you also get a hugeeee backlog of images to choose from. They can be as simple…


… Or as complex as you like.


For our example today I think we will use this more simple one. It reminds me of an old dance track Castles In The Sky.


To colour in all you have to do is pick a colour and tap the section that you want to colour! Obviously you can zoom in and out for colouring in the smaller sections such as the flags.

There are numerous pallets to choose from. you open the menu up by pressing the centre of the pallet where it says “summer”.


Of course there are some premium palettes which you have to pay for… These are marked with the crown logo.


Bam! 10 minutes later we have a finished product!


It’s a nice app. Mostly certainly handy if you find travelling or crowds uncomfortable and the images can be challenging enough that you can make some really cool pictures with it!

If you have the app please send me your best images I would love to see them!

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