Hot Wheels: Race Off

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Today we will be looking at a new ‘Hill Climb’ style free to play game from Hot Wheels!

If you’ve never played a hill climb style game the premise of them is to drive your car (or other vehicle) through a course from point a to point b. There are thousandssss on the market from free to play phone games to Play Station and Xbox games that you can buy.

This one is obviously themed on Hot Wheels products. You race along the famous orange track in representations of some of the cars you can get as toys. There are forty stages to work through divided into four categories of cars: Off Road, Alternative, Muscle and Creature. Each category has 5 cars to unlock.

Each category also has a different backdrop and obstacles on the track. For instance the Off Road class races through a city and Alternative runs through a desert.


It’s the cars themselves that are the stars of the show though. Hot Wheels make some beautiful little replicas of real cars but they also create some awesome cars of their own design, these are what are used throughout this game.

My favourite has to be the ‘Poppa Wheelie’; a Reliant Robin hot-rod that is permanently pulling a wheelie.  Now since the drive wheels are at the back of the body but at the front of the frame that actually runs along the ground, is it front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?


There are some more ‘conventional’ style hot-rods as well with the crazy styling Hot Wheels is famed for.

They also have some, well, insane creations such as a shark or a dragon on wheels.


All in all it’s a fun little game to pass the time on your way to work or school with. It’s a nice reminder how collectable the real little cars are too haha!

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