Thought of the Day: Be a Situational Prism!

Do you ever get those moments where you draw inspiration from the strangest of things?

This morning, before I could drag myself away from the warm envelopment of my bed, I was listening to Money from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album (I assume as some sort of sadistic joke to myself as cars take all of my money) and the album art got me thinking.

dark side of the moon

For those of you who don’t know what this is it’s called an optical prism. You may have seen it in your science labs at school. You beam white light onto it and the prism breaks down that white light into its component colours, the colours of the spectrum.

Our mind works in a (sort of) similar way. It takes the information it is presented and breaks it down into manageable components.   However, sometimes we can’t always see the full range of proverbial colours, we just focus on the one, especially if we are angry or anxious about a situation.

By focusing in on that one thing though we aren’t seeing the solution to our problem or seeing the full worth of the situation that has been presented to us.   So the next time you think a situation is dire remember this prism and to mentally ‘take a step back’ so you can see a situation for its full worth.

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